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Key lime pie


Key lime pie

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You haven’t experienced life in Charleston till you’ve had to pay $75 because a palmetto bug broke your air conditioning.
633 notes Coosaw Plantation, Chisolm Island, SC

Coosaw Plantation, Chisolm Island, SC

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12 notes "Movies, concerts, and relationships can all be had with a keyboard and a screen. Anyone can become a star by posting the right video on YouTube. But you can’t eat through the computer. Thus, farmer’s markets and restaurants are some of the last places to physically gather around the tribal fire at a time when the fire is increasingly digital."
Kim Severson, Garden & Gun Aug/Sept 2014"Southern Comfort" 
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Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops demonstrates playing the bones


Dom Flemons of the Carolina Chocolate Drops demonstrates playing the bones

56 notes Sand dollars at Runnymede PlantationCharleston, SC

Sand dollars at Runnymede Plantation
Charleston, SC

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Might be taking a trip to Beaufort this weekend to visit some old friends. That is, if Hurricane Bertha doesn’t fling too much rain at the coast all week… 

4 notes Prospect Cemetery in Orangeburg, SC

Prospect Cemetery in Orangeburg, SC

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Tequila Eyes (Live @ RELEVANT) by Us and Our Daughters
1,047 notes The MooringsIslamorada, FL

The Moorings
Islamorada, FL

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5 notes "But the eyes of Perelandra opened, as it were, inward, as if they were the curtained gateway to a world of waves and murmurings and wandering airs, of life that rocked in winds and splashed on mossy stones and descended as the dew and arose sunward in thin-spun delicacy of mist."
C.S. Lewis, Perelandra
11 notes Sweet tea granita

Sweet tea granita

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Traveling Alone by Jason Isbell
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spanish moss

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I kind of wish I knew more people in the downtown Charleston area. Every time I come down here for coffee at Black Tap, or to walk around taking photos, I always eventually end up bored of being alone, and wishing for someone to talk to and hang out with.